Tracey Prever
September 21, 2021 | Tracey Prever

Ryder Estate Pinot Noir Rosé named as one of the Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Best Buys in 2021!


 From sommeliers to wine newbies, aficionados, snobs and even that one family member that says they “only drink Pinot Grigio,” one thing unites us: We all love a deal.

Discovering a tasty bottle of wine that delivers immense bang for its measly price is nothing short of transcendent. Yet, with so many options on the market, how do you know which bottles fall within that sweet spot?

Thankfully, Wine Enthusiast is here to help make sure that your hard-earned dollars are well spent. Each year, we create the Top 100 Best Buys list to help guide our readers to some of the highest-quality value wines on the market today. This year, we culled from more than 1,200 wines that earned our coveted Best Buy designation for bottles that fall within a specific price-to-score ratio and cost $15 or less.

Hitting a wide array of red, white, sparkling and rosé wines, this ranking is the ultimate shopping list for every type of wine lover.

Check out the article here: Wine Enthusiast top 100


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