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December 15, 2021 | Tracey Prever

Pix Featured Low-Cal Wine - Sunny With A Chance Of Flowers

Pix has created a do-it-yourself Wine Advent Calendar, to help you choose a wine for every personality you will encounter this holiday season. Pix chose Sunny as their favorite "calorie counter" wine. 


Day 3: The calorie counter

On grocery store shelves these days, there are plenty of lower-calorie wines. The only problem? Most of them taste terrible. Thankfully, there’s one that’s actually delicious. And that’s a good thing because many imbibers are cutting back on calories and carbs to lose the Covid 15, while others are seeking out tasty lower-alcohol options. 

Enter Sunny With a Chance of Flowers, a line of wines made in California’s Monterey County by the family-owned Scheid Family Wines, a certified sustainable winery. The brand’s Sauvignon Blanc, for example, has 85 calories in a five-ounce pour, with 9% alcohol, and zero grams of sugar.

Why does Sunny outshine its competitors in the low-cal space? There are a couple of reasons. “It starts with the fruit,” says Heidi Scheid, the company’s executive vice president who launched the brand. Some wines in the category start with bulk wine, while Sunny’s come from estate-grown fruit, allowing a higher degree of quality control. Then, instead of picking grapes early to achieve lower sugar and thus lower alcohol, Sunny’s grapes are harvested at full maturity. This gives the wines riper flavors and a heavier weight. 

At that point, the wine is dealcoholized via reverse osmosis instead of the common spinning cone technology. “Reverse osmosis is a slower and much gentler process that gives us greater control and better preserves the flavor, texture, weight, and mouthfeel of the wine,” Scheid says. That explanation may be a mouthful, but it’s why you’ll want to take another sip. 

This Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing and juicy with ample pineapple and guava aromas, and tropical fruit and grassy flavors. With lower alcohol and calories, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking to cut down on calories, carbs, or alcohol. I recommend it for holiday brunches and afternoon cookie swaps, when you want something festive and flavorful to sip but without the buzz that accompanies higher ABV wines. — Erica Duecy


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