Tracey Prever
September 23, 2021 | Tracey Prever

Heidi Scheid, Sunny Wines Podcast Interview by the Good Food Revolution


Talking Low-Alcohol Californian Pinot Noir With Vigneron Heidi Scheid, Sunny Wines/Scheid Family Wines


- Podcast interview by Jamie Drummond / Good Food Revolution


A few weeks back I caught a little bit of gentle heat from some of my peers for writing up a low-alcohol wine in a very positive fashion. I had been rather charmed by the Sunny With A Chance Of Flowers Monterey Pinot Noir, so much so that I shared my thoughts with our readers at GFR and from the feedback I received, it appears than quite a number of folks also greatly enjoyed this wine.

I was intrigued as to the thinking behind such a bottling, so I got on Zoom with the woman behind the wine, industry veteran Heidi Scheid, in an effort to discover her inspiration for creating what is perhaps the best alcohol-reduced (through a very specific form of reverse osmosis) wine I have tasted. 

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