Tracey Prever
November 18, 2021 | Tracey Prever

Eating Well Magazine selects District 7 Chardonnay as a Best Friendsgiving Wine!


Just announced, our District 7 Chardonnay was selected by sommeliers for Eating Well Magazine as one of the Best 8 Friendsgiving Wines under $20!


"The top two words to keep in mind when you're picking a Friendsgiving wine: food-friendly," says Brianne Cohen, a Los Angeles-based certified sommelier and wine educator. "The centerpiece of Friendsgiving is the beautiful meal that the group will enjoy together, which is generally potluck-style, with an array of foods, styles and spices. The key is to select versatile wines that aren't too heavy."

Since it's a celebratory occasion that's generally a bit more casual than Thanksgiving dinner itself, "fun" and "easy-to-drink" are two more qualities to keep in mind, adds Aldo Zaninotto, the owner and wine director of Testaccio and Osteria Langhe in Chicago.

As far as the worst wines for Friendsgiving? Avoid super-bold, high-alcohol red wines like zinfandel, Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon or other highly tannic reds (including nebbiolo, Barolo and Barbaresco). "After just a couple of glasses you are pretty much done," Zaninotto says, and you want everyone to be able to sip and linger comfortably all evening long.

District 7 Estate Grown 2018 Chardonnay

This bottle is proof that you *can* get sustainable wines for a killer price, Cohen says. "District 7 Vineyards are 100% sustainable and their winery is 100% powered by renewable energy," she adds, making this wine's story as enticing as its flavors. Versatile, balanced and ideal to enjoy with a huge spread of side dishes, this chardonnay showcases "beautiful purity of fruit, with just a kiss of oak and buttery notes," Cohen says.

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