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Leslie Hallman
February 1, 2019 | Leslie Hallman

Master Sommelier Rates 12 Wines 4+ Stars!

Scheid Family Wines garnered 4+ stars for 12 wines across six brands from Master Sommelier, Ronn Wiegand!


2016 Scheid Vineyards SLH Doctor’s Vineyard Pinot Noir ★★★★★
"The 2016 is exceptional: quite rich in flavor, full bodied, and complex, with fine character, light oakiness, good balance, and a very long finish."


2015 Scheid Vineyards Petite Sirah ★★★★★
"The Hames Valley Petite Sirah  is exceptional: an ultra-ripe, full bodied, intensely flavored wine that is fleshy in texture, balanced, and very long and mildly tannic on the finish."


2017 Scheid Vineyards Grenache Blanc ★★★★+
"The 2017 is delicious: full bodied, supple, and rich; a wine with subtle, delicate fruitiness."


2015 Scheid Vineyards Tannat,  ★★★★+
"The Tannat is a very impressive wine: fleshy, rich, and oaky, it is full bodied and quite powerful on the palate."


2016 Scheid Vineyards Dolcetto ★★★★+
"The Dolcetto is excellent: red-purple in color, distinctly flavored, well balanced, and medium long on the finish."


2017 Scheid Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc ★★★★
"Very fine Sauvignon in a fairly delicate style. It is full bodied, crisp, long on the palate, moderately intense in flavor, and spicy and lingering on the finish."


2015 Scheid Vineyards SLH Doctor’s Vineyard Pinot Noir ★★★★
"The 2015 is in a ripe, complex style. It is very supple in texture, intensely flavored, and balanced, with a very long finish."


2017 Ryder Estate Pinot Noir Rosé ★★★★
"Very fruity in flavor, supple in texture, and full bodied, with cherry, strawberry, and herb aromas/flavors, and a medium length finish."


2016 Metz Road Chardonnay ★★★★
"An excellent Chardonnay: supple in texture, medium rich, and complex in flavor."


2016 District 7 Pinot Noir ★★★★
"This is a distinctly flavored Pinot Noir, with supple texture, ripe fruitiness, a hint of complexity, and a medium long finish."


2015 VDR ★★★★
"Very Dark Red is exactly this: very deeply colored, intensely flavored, and full bodied; a concentrated wine with a powerful, long, lightly woody finish."


2016 Stokes’ Ghost Petite Sirah ★★★★
"Concentrated and very ripely flavored; a full bodied, fairly powerful wine, with blackberry jam, plum, cedar, and oak aromas/flavors, and a toasty, tannic finish."


About Ronn Wiegand & Restaurant Wine:

For over 30 years, Ronn Wiegand has sourced and tasted the world’s best wines. He was the first person in the world to hold the Master of Wine and Master Sommelier wine titles.

Restaurant Wine is considered one of the world's leading wine newsletters for the restaurant and hospitality and industry, and offers exclusive wine recommendations, restaurant industry profiles, wine training tips, wine service suggestions, and wine trend commentary for cutting-edge restaurateurs, distributors, importers and exporters, wineries, wine shops and discriminating wine drinkers. 

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Leslie Hallman
January 22, 2019 | Leslie Hallman

In Rare Form—Scheid's Esoteric Varieties


"Monterey County's Scheid Family Wines shows its experimental side in producing varieties uncommon in California."
- The Tasting Panel 



Of the 23 unusual varieties we've planted on our Riverview, Mesa del Rio, San Lucas, and Hames Valley properties—11 estate vineyards over 4,000 acres within a 70-mile span—we're currently bottling ten as single-varietal wines under our namesake label, Scheid Vineyards. 


Among the most successful of the esoteric bottle releases have been the Grenache Blanc and the Grüner Veltliner, as well as the Tannat, the Portuguese variety Touriga Nacional, and the Petit Manseng.



"A lot of people come to the tasting room specifically because they’ve heard we have unusual varietals…We’re one of the few growers that’s gone out on that ledge.” - Heidi Scheid

Above all, the prevailing goal of this experimental project is to channel the distinctive character of Monterey County into the wines, not to simply mimic the winemaking style of the varieties native regions. Read more of the full article from The Tasting Panel.


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Leslie Hallman
January 15, 2019 | Leslie Hallman

Twist & Pour: A Case for Screwcaps

"Scheid Family Wines in Monterey, Calif., started out sealing whites and rosés under Stelvin, but since 2008, has bottled its entire production, including all reds, under screw cap. Winemaker Dave Nagengast was a big proponent of going all-in with screw caps for everything, while the marketing folks hesitated, worrying about customer perception for wines meant to age. Nagengast made the winning point that cork had become an uncontrollable variable in the finished wine product." 
- Spirited Magazine 


Years ago, after we were forced to dump a few hundred cases of premium wine from our namesake brand, Scheid Vineyards, we went all-in with screwcaps. The cases identified had been bottled with a batch of cork containing an unacceptable amount of a chemical compound called Trichloroanisole, otherwise known as TCA. TCA can impart "musty" flavors and aromas to wine. Wines that are identified as having a detectable level of TCA are described as being "corked." 


When deciding to make the switch from cork to screwcap, we conducted internal experiments over several vintages with different closures; we read, researched and attended comparative tastings; we talked to lots and lots of winemakers, wine buyers and sommeliers. We reached two important conclusions:  1. screw cap closures were never a negative in terms of wine quality and were often a positive, and 2. no matter what efforts are undertaken, TCA will probably infect a certain percentage of cork closure wines forever. 


The screwcap decision was finalized, and we all quickly became accustomed to twisting instead of pulling. More on screwcaps from Spirited Magazine at

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Tara Randall
November 27, 2018 | Tara Randall

Heidi Scheid Appointed Chair of the Wine Market Council Board of Directors

Our own Heidi Scheid has been appointed Chair of the Wine Market Council's Board of Directors! Joining her will be Emma Swain, St. Supery Estate Vineyards & Winery, Immediate Past Chair; Craig Ledbetter, Vino Farms,Vice Chair; Dale Stratton, Constellation Brands, Second Vice Chair; Shawn Byrnes, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Treasurer; and Hugh Tietjen, Wine Communications Group, Secretary.

Continuing their service on the Board of Directors are Danny Brager, Nielsen; Dennis Cakebread, Cakebread Cellars; Mel Dick, Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits; Jerry Douglas, Biltmore Estate Wine Company; Sam Filler, New York Wine & Grape Foundation; Ray Herrmann and E. Lloyd Sobel (alternate for Ray Herrmann), Breakthru Beverage Group; Michael Mondavi, Folio Fine Wine Partners; Michaela Rodeno, Villa Ragazzi;  Adam Strum, Wine Enthusiast Companies.

For more than two decades, Wine Market Council has provided wine market knowledge, trends, insights, and intelligence essential to all tiers of the wine industry. They conduct a segmentation study among U.S. wine consumers annually, and also quantitative and qualitative trade and consumer surveys on topics of special interest to their members each year.

Learn more:


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Tara Randall
November 20, 2018 | Tara Randall

SFW Earns 90+ Scores in Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits

Scheid Family Wines was recently award a number of 90+ points in the publications Wine Enthusiast and Wine & Spirits. Congratulations to our entire winemaking and vineyard teams!

Wine Enthusiast

-Scheid Vineyards 2016 Doctor’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands – 92 pts
-Scheid Vineyards 2016 Escolle Road Vineyard Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands – 92 pts
-Metz Road 2016 Riverview Vineyard Pinot Noir – 91 pts

Wine & Spirits

-Scheid Vineyards 2016 Escolle Road Vineyard Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands – 90 pts
-Metz Road 2016 Riverview Vineyard Pinot Noir – 90 pts

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Tara Randall
November 20, 2018 | Tara Randall

Scheid Family Wines Recognized as "Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation"

 Nov. 16, 2018

Pebble Beach, CA - Scheid Family Wines was named "Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation" for 2018 by the Central Coast chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals at the annual National Philanthropy Day event held at the Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, CA. 

The Association of Fundraising Professionals Monterey Bay Chapter was founded in 1993. Its purpose is to advance the professionalism of individuals working in all fields of development and fundraising, especially at the administrative decision making level, through local networking, education and training, and national and statewide lobbying efforts. The local Chapter offers workshops and programs in conjunction with the Community Foundation for Monterey County, hosts networking opportunities and offers a mentorship program. 

Scheid Family Wines is very active within the Monterey County community. Each year, we donate over 300 cases of wine to local, non-profit organizations. We also organize the Annual Scheid Writing Contest, a writing contest that awards scholarships to local high school students. 

The Scheid Writing Contest was originally created by Al Scheid in 1984 for his high school alma mater, Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport, Ohio. He launched the contest as a way to give back to the community and provide assistance to motivated high school students who wanted to attend college. Four years later, convinced that the local schools in the Salinas Valley could benefit from the contest, Al brought it to King City High School. Greenfield High School—built on land that was formerly vineyards owned by Scheid—was added to the program in 2001.

Al has always believed that being able to communicate ideas effectively is the key to success. He created the writing contest to give students the opportunity to fully delve into a subject. Each year, the winners are chosen based on their ability to research and write a 3-5 page essay on a given topic. Separate scholarships are awarded for each grade level. Past topics have included Guantánamo Bay and interrogation techniques, the Ground Zero mosque, the impact of social media on society, the death penalty, immigration reform, global warming, the USA Patriot Act and its effect on an individual’s right to privacy, the use of military tribunals in terrorist cases, and the pros and cons of the Electoral College.

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary in Monterey’s Salinas Valley, the program has donated more than $320,000 to scholarships for local high school students.


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Tara Randall
October 5, 2018 | Tara Randall

Scheid Family Wines: Transitioning from Grower to Winery

"Scheid Family Wines is certainly not the only wine company to transition from a vineyard operation to a full-blown winery, but the process in doing so has likely been one of the longest arcs in the industry."

More at Wine Business Monthly Online.

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Tara Randall
October 5, 2018 | Tara Randall

Heidi Scheid Honored as Wine Industry Leader for 2018

Our own Heidi Scheid was recognized in the October issue of Wine Business Monthly as a Top Industry Leader for her work in championing Monterey and growing the family business!

Read more at Wine Business Monthly Online.


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Tara Randall
September 12, 2018 | Tara Randall

Wines & Vines Features Scheid Wind Turbine

Scheid Family Wines has been farming wine grapes in Monterey County since 1972 and today has 4,000 acres of sustainably certified vineyards and a large state-of-the-art winery in Salinas Valley. The wind turbine is the latest addition to Scheid's sustainability-practices program and may very well be the first project of its scale in the U.S. on a winery property.

The wind turbine, a 1.85 megawatt GE model, generates enough electricity annually to off-set the draw of the 2 million case-capacity winery and bottling operation, with surplus electricity going back into the local power grid.

"The Salinas Valley is a particularly well-suited environment for wind turbines," noted Chief Planning Officer, Tony Stephen. "Every afternoon, winds sweep down the valley from the Monterey Bay, averaging 13 mph."

Similar to the famous mistral wind in the Rhône Valley in Southern France, the Salinas Valley winds result from a combination of unique geographical features - the underwater canyon in the Monterey Bay, the Santa Lucia and Gabilan mountain ranges, and the hot interior temperatures of the south of the valley.

"The mountains on either side of the valley create a tunnel, and at the north end of the tunnel, you have cold water welling up from the underwater canyon and at the other end, you have the interior land, which can exceed temperatures of 110 degrees during the day. The difference in temperatures creates pressure that, when combined with the tunnel effect of the mountains, generates the Salinas Valley winds," explained Scheid Family Wines Chief Operating Officer, Kurt Gollnick.

The wind turbine is the crowning achievement of four and a half years of planning and joins a number of other sustainability practices already in place at Scheid Family Wines.

“We have always been committed to sustainability,” said Scott Scheid, President and CEO. “All 4,000 acres of our estate vineyards in Monterey County are officially certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. 100% of our wastewater is recycled and all our grape must is composted and spread as nutrition in the vineyards. We use 100% drip irrigation and low impact farming methods. We even have 250+ owl boxes to control rodent populations naturally. Installing this wind turbine is yet another facet of our desire to be good stewards of the environment.”

Read the full article online at Wines & Vines here.

Scheid Family Wines has farmed wine grapes in Monterey County, California since 1972. With 4,000 acres of sustainably-certified vineyards located along a 70-mile spread of the Salinas Valley and a large scale, state-of-the-art winery, Scheid Family Wines is fully-integrated to bring high quality estate grown wines to the marketplace. The Scheid Family Wines nationally-distributed portfolio includes Scheid Vineyards, District 7, Metz Road, VDR, Stokes’ Ghost, GIFFT, Ranch 32, and Ryder Estate.

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Leslie Hallman
September 11, 2018 | Leslie Hallman

Winery Earns New Sustainability Certification

In addition to our vineyards, our winery is now certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance! The certification is measured by economic, environmental and social performance practices, and an annual audit is conducted to ensure we are meeting or surpassing all best practices. 

Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing is a statewide certification program that provides third-party verification of a winery’s commitment to continuous improvement in the adoption and implementation of sustainable winegrowing practices. We achieved certification on all eleven of our estate vineyards in 2014. In addition to environmentally sound practices, CCSW includes sections on responsible business and community practices, which is a core value of Scheid Family Wines.

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