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  • Dave Nagengast
  • Dave Nagengast

    Director of Winemaking

    As Director of Winemaking for Scheid Family Wines, a position he has held since 2006, Dave Nagengast is the creative and organizational mastermind behind all the company’s wines. He and his team help set the vinous style and direction across the board and select the vineyards and techniques needed to bring each wine into fruition. 

    As part of his duties, Dave directs the winemaking for SFW’s individual wineries and brands including District 7, Metz Road, Stokes’ Ghost, VDR, Ranch 32, Ryder Estate and GIFFT. He is also responsible for the operation of the winemaking facility and the production of bulk wine. 

    Dave is an early adopter of sustainable farming and winemaking practices and also an innovator in both the vineyard and cellar. In 2017, he and his team developed their In-Vineyard Native Yeast Fermentation Program to create the ultimate expression of Chardonnay from the Riverview Vineyard. To avoid the influence of yeast strains already established at the winery, they brought a small press and refrigerated container to the site to initiate a true Riverview indigenous yeast fermentation. They crushed the grapes and filled 10 new French oak barrels each of Wente clone and Dijon clone 96. The resulting wine beautifully captured the true personality of this unique cold-climate site.

    Dave holds a B.S. degree in Agriculture Science with an emphasis in Enology from California State University at Fresno. He joined SFW in 2002 as a consulting winemaker. Prior to that, he held Assistant Winemaker positions at Storrs Winery, Mirassou Vineyards and San Martin Winery. In addition to his skills as a winemaker, Dave is calm, cool and organized. He and his wife have three sons who have followed in his footsteps as collegiate discus throwers.