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  • Tyler Scheid
  • Tyler Scheid

    Project Manager

    You can file Tyler Scheid under the category of outdoorsman. Growing up in the Pacific Palisades region of Southern California, he spent countless hours exploring the Santa Monica Mountains on a dirt bike and the nearby coast on a surfboard. To this day, Tyler is an avid hiker, mountain biker, surfer and camper.

    After high school, Tyler left SoCal to earn a degree in geography from CU Boulder. He worked in hospitality bus boy, waiter, bartender before joining his family’s Hames Valley Vineyard development project in the late 1990s. That experience spurred an interest in soil science, hydrology and land management and led to his attending graduate school at CSU where he received his MS Watershed Science. Upon completion of his studies, Tyler became an environmental consultant with a specialty of river monitoring and watershed restoration. As a consultant, he combined his skills in field data collection, data analytics, and GIS mapping with adaptive management and stakeholder engagement. These skill sets have proven invaluable in his current role at Scheid.

    As Project Manager, Tyler’s mandate is to empower people through technology and innovation. During his time at Scheid he has helped evolve the fundamental IT systems to ensure that high quality and easily accessible information is available immediately to everyone. He is also in the process of using innovation in Ag Tech and data science to make SFW more efficient, quality oriented, focused and environmentally responsible.